8 Contact Center Agents Myth When Working in a Contact Center

Contact Center Agents Myth


Contact center myths have been circulating not only in the workplace but also in the Internet. These myths even scare people to not apply to a call center company.

Even more, this instils fear to interested individuals.

You might have already heard of these myths if you happen to work in the industry. Furthermore, even before your application you might have heard a line or two from your family or friends. As such, we are here to present the facts and further debunk these myths. These ideas might be the ones hindering you in applying to a contact center industry.

Contact Center Agents Myth 1: Application is easy. Many would exclaim that if you need a job, go join the call center. Application after all is easy. You simply submit your resume and wait to be interviewed. But still if you already emailed your application, you are guaranteed a job. To date, many open positions came from call centers and related business process outsourcing. While this is true that application is easy, getting in is another subject to tackle. Call centers made applications easier so many people can drop off their resume. But there’s no guarantee that you will be accepted once you submit one. The process of hiring is difficult. You are assessed with your English communication skills, writing and even talking to the phone skills. Many failed in each of these stages. Hence, being accepted to a contact center industry is not that easy.

Contact Center Agents Myth 2: Dead end career. Being in a call center is a dead end career. This means that you will get to answer calls for the rest of your life. I dare say that is not true. In fact, there are many career developments and advances here. Position movement is relatively faster. After six months, you can opt to shift to another position apart from answering calls. You can be promoted as a team leader, account manager and even shift to other departments. Many call centers prefer internal hiring than outside. They would rather promote an agent who has already been in the company. Hence, career possibilities here are endless.

Contact Center Agents Myth 3: Work is boring. A typical call center takes calls for the entire shift. Yet that can be habitual especially if you have been in the industry for months. But each call is never boring. As a matter of fact, you are always on your toes simply because you tend to encounter different individual per call. And no calls are the same. Even the environment is filled with dynamic people where you can learn from.

Contact Center Agents Myth 4: Unhealthy environment. There is no denying that majority of the shifts in a contact center industry is at night. Shifts often began in the evening and ends in the morning. Companies are so aware of these. No wonder that agents who work within these shifts are given higher pay in terms of night differential. Even more, they also take serious steps to make sure that their employees are healthy. They even have the most expensive health insurance and the largest coverage. Plus, they make sure that they have recreation rooms to help them de-stress.

Contact Center Agents Myth 5: Agents are for high school students. Many call centers accept applications even from high school students. They are not particular with degrees after all. But majority of the agents are college graduates. Often they choose to work within the industry. The fact that even high school students can find employment here just shows that the industry provides job opportunities. This is truly a positive scenario.

Contact Center Agents Myth 6: Quantity over quality calls. There are many metrics that team leaders and agents are following. One of which is AHT or average handling time. While this is a good gauge on how well an agent handles a call, it does not always mean that the smallest time the better the call. Agents are still taught to resolve the call in a number of seconds that is deemed acceptable. After all, they shouldn’t drag the call too. The important thing is they get to help the consumers who called in the most efficient way possible.

Contact Center Agents Myth 7: For young people. Since call centers accept high school students and fresh graduates, the environment presents a floor filled with young people. However, this does not mean that the older ones can’t apply too. There are in fact individuals over the age of 40 who are keen to work as call center agents. Hence, regardless of age as long as you can handle calls and computers you can be hired.

Contact Center Agents Myth 8: Work life is easy. Let me tell you that no job is difficult if you love what you are doing. Same with any call center jobs. Others might find this easy since you simply sit down and answer calls. However there’s no easy task. Each call is just different. And it is not easy answering calls, thinking how to solve it and working on the computer at the same time. You need to be a multi-tasker to be good at this one.


It is about time that the contact center be presented in a brighter and more positive light. There is more to see here than the usual myths. Which is why, you might want to try to build your career to this industry. There are many things to look forward and the myths you know before might be a myth no more.