11 Reasons Why Should I Work in a Contact Center

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There has been a growing demand for call centers be it in large companies and also small and medium ones. With this in mind, this translates to many opportunities for contact center jobs. Many are often concerned that being in a call center is a career suicide. More so many are reluctant to work as a call center agent. There are many reasons why they won’t embrace such. For one, this might not be their dream job at all. Secondly, they might be stuck working as one. Yet, I believe you might want to rethink those reasons.

I too was once like you. Being fresh from college, there are many dream jobs I would be willing to grab. Landing some contact center jobs isn’t one of them. However, fast forward to today, I have been in the call center for the last eight years. And the decision to apply was definitely I’m happy that I abide.

Here are my reasons why I opt to work in a contact center eight years ago until now.

Reason 1: No experience. The good thing with contact center jobs is that there’s no experience to begin with. As a fresh graduate, this can be a good stepping stone. This can be the easiest gate to employment to enter. Even high school students can be able to land a position or two so long as they have good communication and computer skills.

Reason 2: Great pay. Even as a fresh graduate getting that desired pay is not at all impossible if you work in a call center. Usually, the pay of the agents is higher than any entry level jobs. Apart from the usual salary that you will be getting there are also other monetary perks. For instance, you can get night differential pay if you are working at night. If you happen to land a sales related account, you can also get commissions on top of the salary. The more items you sell, the higher your commission would be. You will also be getting good medical coverage of being an agent. Not to mention, getting health and life insurances too. Even your beneficiaries can also benefit from these.

Reason 3: Skill enhancement. It is very important to have good communication skills to land in any contact center jobs. This might be in the form of verbal and written communication. Before an agent is allowed to take calls, he or she is subjected to rigorous trainings. Not only knowing the account better but also with your communication. You will be taught how to talk, listen and work on the computer at the same time. Even your problem solving skills is also trained. There is also continuous training and development in the call center.

Reason 4: Career advancement. Many would exclaim that being in the call center is a dead end career. I definitely disagree. As a matter of fact, you can be promoted in 6 months. After being regular, you will be given an opportunity to move in the company. You can be promoted as a team leader, a manager or even shift to another department. The possibilities are endless. Even more, they prefer to do internal hiring for their positions rather than hire an outsider.

Reason 5: Foreign connection. All contact center jobs are affiliated with an international company and even a multinational. This alone is worth bragging that you are part of one. Some will even send their top agents to their headquarters abroad. This is something one can be proud of.

Reason 6: Amenities. Since call centers are affiliated with bigger brands and bigger companies, there is no doubt that the amenities are the best. For example, many call centers are situated in major hubs around the country. Even more, they have very large offices and accessible ones too. Apart from that there are also amenities an agent can enjoy. For instance, some offices are equipped with gyms, sleeping quarters, pantries and recreation rooms. Some even provide unlimited drinks like coffee and soft drinks.

Reason 7: Schedule. What I love working in contact center jobs is the fact that I love the schedule. Since majority of the shifts are at night, I love working around those time. Because the shifts begin at night expect less traffic going to work. Hence, you won’t need to get up early in order to avoid the traffic rush. Expect easy navigation in roads. You might be a little stuck in traffic when you get out in the morning. But no hassle, since you are simply going home.

Reason 8: Dress code. You can wear whatever you like if you are working in a call center. After all, the dress code is rather very informal. But usually since the offices are just so cold and you are travelling at night, blazers, coats are a must. However, you can always dress in any way you want.

Reason 9: People. Majority of call center agents are of the same age as you are. They are the part of the millennial or the generation y. Their way of thinking is very close to you. That is why, being in a team with the same minded individuals would surely result in a great one. You can get to connect very easily with these people and even make friends. The environment will surely not be a bore.

Reason 10: Work variety. No calls are the same. You can get to meet different clients and different people. Each has their own personality to bring to the table. That is why, expect variety in every call you get. You can even get to know them a little deeper if you get to talk with them longer.

Reason 11: Work fulfilment. The reason why I accepted the contact center job is the notion that I can help people. Individuals after all call or make contact because they happen to encounter a problem. And you are expert at that hence you are the right one to help them solve it. Every time you get to aid them in solving even the little concerns that they have, they will really thank you for your help. They will even praise you in front of your supervisors and managers. That sense of fulfilment is something you can get in a call center. If you would like to help a lot of people, this can be the right job for you.


Landing contact center jobs is a blessing. Well, every work opportunity is. But call centers are a different breed and a different environment. As an employee, it will keep you on your toes. While there is stress and pressure, there are other things far greater and far better. No wonder after eight years, I am still here.