SiBS operates around the idea of professionalism and methodology, assigning the right people to the appropriate projects, accommodating each client's different work preferences and work styles.

As an outsourcing company, SiBS services clients all over the world, helping clients capture more leads, schedule more appointments and close more sales in a shorter timeframe. Thus, allowing our clients produce more market share in multiple industry verticals including medical, software, technology, sales, and professional services.

We take pride in our good relationships with our local and international business networks, our solid and effective human development approaches, business process technology and information systems. What also sets SiBS apart from other outsourcing companies not just in the world but in the Philippines is our globally competitive services offered to clients at a reasonable price.

What We Do Best

  • SiBS develops and maintains value-added relationships with clients, staffs and industrial stakeholders through effective execution of core values.

  • SiBS investes in key leadership, mission-minded, flexible and focused management teams.

  • SiBS focuses on a steady and disciplined pattern of growth.

  • SiBS provides excellent customer service and satisfaction.

  • SiBS maintains high reputation for excellence and invests in setting the business as a premium brand of choice to corporate clients.

  • SiBS aims to continually increase its success rate through adherence to strategic plans, effective communication, staff motivation, customer satisfaction, service efficiency and management of financial plans in accordance to its corporate goals.

Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS What We Do Best

How Will We Get There

Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS How Will We Get There

  • Employ competency based recruitment

  • Determine the needed skillset and staffing requirement

  • Implement the hiring process: Initial Interview Aptitude Test, Typing Test, Online Exam Project Profiling Endorsement to Project Manager Interview and HR Behavioral Interview

  • Set up IT and PBX Configuration

  • Create Knowledge Base Portal and CRM Integration

  • Train and develop Human Resource pool and program demonstration

  • Setting up Quality Assurance Parameters

We use Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Secured Network
  • Time Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Malware Free Environment

Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Manage Services
Our Processes and Procedures are in line with the industry standards.
We do have our own HRIS:

  • We can monitor the working hours and manage the payroll efficiently.
  • We our have own Incident Report monitoring, Downtime Monitoring, and Quality Coaching Monitoring.
  • We monitor our IT activities real time.
  • We plan our workforce time-off activities.

We invest in reliable Workforce Management Tools

  • Monitors adherence to schedules.
  • Easy to manage staffing and forecasting
  • Easy integration to client Salesforce and Zendesk and other cloud CRMs.

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