The Benefits of Short Commutes

short commutes

Since we are working, it is inevitable that we commute to work every single day. We are often faced with the decision on what mode of transportation to use. And oftentimes if not all the times, we prefer the ones that can take us to our destination in the shortest possible time. No wonder jeepneys and taxis are continually added on the roads in order to address commute demands of the growing populace. Even if the destination is relatively short, we would rather take a PUV (public utility vehicle) to help us get there.

Commuting has been a part of our lives. But the real question here is the length of the commute. We often see and hear news on TV with regards to the worsening traffic problems in Manila and other major areas. Individuals encounter more hours on the road going to work and going home. This is a scenario that they are getting used to hence they no longer mind at all. But I dare say, short commutes are more beneficial than long ones.

Here are the effects you can reap if you have short commutes.

#1. Stress-free. There are many things that could happen while we are on the road. As a matter of fact, chances of accidents are higher when we are commuting than on the plane because of the number of times we do it. Which is why, in order to lessen the probability we must make short commutes. There are even other stressors on the road like other commuters, pedestrians, traffic and such. The more variables we have, the higher the stress level will be. Which is why cutting our commutes can certainly cut the stressors we encounter hence less stress for us.

#2. More time for loved ones. I think you have seen the local milk brand where a boy is waiting for his dad to come to work in order to teach him how to ride the bicycle. But the dad was still commuting as evident by the number of vehicles he rode before getting home. Which is why when the dad arrived, the boy forego the teaching knowing that his dad is tired already. Good thing the dad isn’t. This is the very reality that we need to focus on. Rather than investing time on the road because of traffic and long commute, it would be really beneficial if we can have short commutes and the rest of the time we spend it on the family. The longer we are on the road, the lesser time we can have on our loved ones. Life would be much easier if we only get to spend minutes commuting and longer hours to play with our children rather than the other way around.

#3. Opportunity cost. Another benefit of short commutes is looking it in terms of cost. The numbers of hours you lose on traffic, the more money you are wasting. How is this so? As the old adage goes, time is money. This means that even if we are no longer working while commuting, the time we spend on the road can be roughly translated to amount. Hence the more time, the more money is draining out. Simply imagine the amount of money you could lost if you are spending hours on the road. You can redirect those hours to hobbies that might be of interest to you, other work opportunities and going back to the second reason.

It is for these benefits and more that SiBS is an ideal workplace especially for the ones located in Tagum City. We often thought that BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies are just found in major cities in the country. Which is why, individuals are compelled to move in order to land in those jobs leaving their family and loved ones behind. Some even go to the extent of longer commutes. Yet today, rural BPOs are the norm where they bring jobs back to home or close to home. As an effect, attrition is low and agents are happier because of less stress from their short commute.

I have already experience working in the metro and I can say though the pay is good, longer commutes is something not of my liking. Even more, the time I wasted on the road is something I can never get back. Which is why even with higher pay, I opt for a job with shorter commutes because of the benefits above and thank God for rural BPOs like SiBS.