Rural Sourcing, The New Thing

Rural Sourcing

Rural sourcing is the newest thing that hits business process outsourcing in the country. More and more companies are slowly shifting their customer service operations to such areas.

There is no denying why call centers are commonly situated in cities and in the metropolis. For one, there is convenience. After all, great infrastructures are put in place in those highly-urbanized places. Second, manpower is high. After all, there are more and more people that are clustered in this side of the country.

Furthermore, these individuals graduated from reputable universities that are also situated in the urban areas.

In spite of such adversities, it seems that rural areas are slowly bridging the gap. Rural areas are getting attractive to investors. Perhaps you might wonder then, why rural areas? Why not stick with the cities in the country? Is there even a need to transfer your business process outsourcing there?

Perhaps these benefits might prove attractive.

Less to No Traffic

One attractive attribute of rural areas that would surely entice investors there is less to no traffic. What makes urban areas apart from rural areas would be the travel time. With traffic, it could take hours for one to commute. Loss time spells loss money. Which is why, a rural area is attractive because of less to no traffic. You can travel by car uninterrupted. Hence, you can be able to reach your preferred destination in a matter of minutes.

Near Loved Ones

Most individuals are forced to transfer to urban areas because of limited jobs in their hometown. Because of this one, they have no choice but to leave their families and loved ones. After all, what they are doing is a practical way to earn money and earn a living. However, with rural sourcing sprouting in these areas, waving goodbye to your loved ones might be a thing of the past. Even more, considering the number of industries looking for jobs in those places, you can duly get to filter better applicants along the way. Not only are you helping someone not be away from their family, you are also helping the rural economy.

Competitive Wage

The good thing with rural sourcing is that you can be able to provide competitive wages to your employees that are far reasonable compared to other urban places. It is no wonder that many industries are shifting to rural places because the amount needed for salary and benefits are comparatively low. This is because of the low cost of living in these rural areas. This could mean lower operating expenses on the side of the entrepreneurs. Rather than paying an individual this much, he or she can be able to have that same amount and hire two individuals in return. Simply imagine the amount of savings one can get in terms of labor and salary.

Low Attrition

One continuous problem of BPOs in urban areas is their high attrition. Their employees can manage to shift companies in an instant. This could spell disaster in the long run and lower workforce. After all, more and more businesses are opening in urban cities with greater and competitive salaries and benefits. These alone are attractive to employees who are yearning to earn more in the process. Which is why, jumping from one company to the other is an everyday trend. Moving your business to rural areas like rural sourcing eliminates this and paves the way to low attrition. This is because there are still a handful of businesses grounded in the said place. The good news even, attrition is not present.

Why the Shift?

Rural sourcing presents a low cost alternative in the business process outsourcing industry. Rising salaries for one are not helping cost-sensitive BPO operations.

This is an indicator why many companies have prompted their operations to rural locations. After all, the benefits presented above are way more attractive than remaining in urban areas. Furthermore, rural sourcing is cheaper. The workforce overall salary structure is indeed way lower.