Outsourcing Contact Center to a Rural BPO

Outsourcing Contact Center

Outsourcing contact center has been the trend for the longest time. In an effort to improve customer service and even entice customers to new products and services, businesses are eager to include this in their budgets. In order to be able to spend less on such a task, they often outsource it with other companies located in Asia.

And the Philippines is a country that were able to enjoy such.

To date, there are many outsourcing contact center in the country. They mostly sprout in major urban cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao. However, it seems that a new trend is sprouting in line with outsourcing. Businesses are now grabbing the next cheapest firms. And these are usually situated in rural areas. It seems that in a few years time, we can see a rise of rural BPOs in the country.

Rise of Rural BPOs

There are many motivations why rural BPOs are increasing by the month. Not to mention the many underlying force driving these businesses to set up their companies in rural areas rather than the urban ones. However, we were able to identify the following crucial factors that may have affected the move.

Rising Costs

With many businesses sprouting in cities and urban areas, so would be the purchasing power of its people. Because of such, many other businesses would open in order to cater to demands. Furthermore, establishments of infrastructure, medical care are also rising sharply. And with all of these, the cost of living would also increase.

Because of this, businesses would have to pay more than they usually do. After all, they need to pay more to their employees if they happen to establish the business there. Unlike rural areas, the cost of living there is not too high. Even more, it is comparatively low than those in the cities and urban sites. Which is why, this alone can drive a business to set up their rural BPO. It is very cost effective for them to do it rather than remain in those cities.

Mundane Tasks

Since the city is booming with job opportunities, most employees tend to shift to more challenging jobs. In fact attrition rates in call centre industries are high. Movement there is very fast for any employee. Hence if a BPO is grounded on basic tasks, those jobs would be mundane and non-challenging. Agents and employees in time might give it up in order to explore other job opportunities. These jobs are also available in urban areas. Hence, non-competitive or noncore tasks are left out.

Unlike in rural areas, there is little to no movement. Hence employees there can tackle jobs for the longest time. Business wise, that’s by far one of the best investments.

Crowded Place

Another thing that makes rural BPO centers ideal is the fact that cities are already crowded. Majority of establishments are already occupied by other BPO companies.

Everything in there is so cramped up. Renting a floor or even creating your own building would surely cost a lot. This might not be ideal for companies who would rather have open spaces beside their business.

Though it will be difficult to root a business in rural areas considering that the location may not be that developed, this is possible. When carefully planned, this could be the best area to mount your business. Furthermore, people there are willing to return back the job opportunity given.



Local government units with good governance are also pushing more opportunities in rural areas. This is because of the crowded place being experienced in major cities around the country. As such, they are also keen in developing their rural areas making it more accessible with more amenities. Hence, outsourcing contact center to a rural BPO is possible after all.