Top 5 Commonly Used Open Source Dialers for Call Centers in the Philippines

call center software dialers

Part of running a call center company requires you to run complex call center software, or what the industry would refer to as dialers. These dialers often cost up to thousands of dollars, so these can be a little off-putting for companies who’re on a tight budget.

What happens when you can’t compromise quality and budget? It’s easy. You look for open sourced software programs that are guaranteed free and can keep up with the paid software and dialers. Keep in mind that these are OPEN SOURCE. This means you’re not protected by warranties or liabilities or even technical support by the developers.

But if you’re willing to risk it, here are 5 popular call center software open source dialers that are used in the Philippines:


GOAutodial was formerly known as VicidialNOW and is currently an open source GPLv2 licensed software used by call centers. It features inbound and outbound call handling capabilities, web-based applications, and compliant with US, UK, and Canadian call compliance laws. Finally it also supports Sangoma and Digium cards.


ICTDialer is built upon Drupal and is supported by ICT Innovations. It’s able to initiate hundreds of calls simultaneously over FoIP and VoIP. It’s also scalable because they are capable of handling a large influx of calls. It has some features that are not present in any other autodialer programs. And includes the ability to setup schedules to have the program run during a specific time of day or day of the week.

Newfies Dialer

Newfies Dialer is a must-have for companies who’re planning to make large amounts of calls – from advertising to emergency services. This boasts of their import feature. This allows you to import phone numbers in bulk. Then have the caller just dial through them at the click of the button.


OSDial is probably one of the oldest open source dialers. It has gone through three major software releases to include certain features like Admin/Agent web interface. This even has a reporting system with call statistics and real-time call reporting, and can support 32-bit and 64-bit systems.


VICIDIAL is an open source dialer that needs to be paired with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system. It has a web-based interface. Most of all, to manage the client and provides users ability to view statistics and data in real time.