#IAnswerTheWorld and Be Proud


#Ianswertheworld is perhaps the right hashtag for every call center agent around the country. Even more, this is something that each of them can truly be proud of. You might wonder what this hashtag means? More so, is this in any way related to Instagram?

This is still not a trending hashtag yet. But definitely this is a trending profession today. The next question then would be what exactly is #Ianswertheworld and how this connects to call center agents? Here’s a quick look.

#Ianswertheworld Preview

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines was able to create the I Answer the World Campaign. After all, call center agents around the country are called to do great things. Even with a job of answering phone calls from various customers around the globe, this alone is a manifestation that indeed they are serving the world.

Contact Center Association of the Philippines

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines or CCAP is the umbrella organization of the country’s contact center industry. This serves as a focal point of industries that caters to this kind of business and service.

This was started by seven original founders way back in 2001. And today, CCAP is composed of nearly a hundred member companies that operate in varied strategic cities in the Philippines. What’s positive is that these members account for more than 70% of revenues in the in the industry. Furthermore, it contributes a lot to the country’s workforce.

CCAP is a non-profit organization which aims to promote awareness of the call center industry. They also promote active exchange of ideas, new technologies and best practices. After all, they are grounded towards sustainable growth of the industry and also the country.

Understanding #Ianswertheworld

#Ianswertheworld must now be a hashtag of any proud call centers around the country. After all, this depicts more than their jobs.

Call center agents are given the notion to “simply” answer a phone call. People think that this is by far the easiest job out there. Considering that many call center agents do not require much experience and education background, many just dismiss the impact of the industry.

It would be best to move past that misconception. The hashtag is a new breed of introducing the contact center industry. After all, it is an industry that not only moves millions of lives but also the country in terms of economy.

#Ianswertheworld truly moves a different perspective of what the contact center industry is. And that is being able to indeed Answer the World in our fingertips. This empowers agents to show others that more than anything; they are there to provide solutions. They are given the responsibility to solve problems. And more than that, they are answering the world.

The contact center industry bridges various countries and allows communication and connection. Furthermore, this aids agents to be given the knowledge to answer questions in line with a particular product or service. With such weight in their hands, it is no wonder that they are empowered.

Apart from that, call center agents are given the voice of the brand or the industry. They are projecting the business where they are in. Even more, they also become the voice of the business name. They are given that privilege to speak of the brand and be the brand. Many times, they are tied up with Fortune 100 companies, multinational companies and so much more.

With that, #Ianswertheworld is truly an empowering hashtag. Not to mention, this is truly the perfect one created by CCAP to millions of contact center agents around the country. Hence, if you are one, be empowered. After all, truly you answer the world.