Filipino Owned Contact Center: More Than Values

Filipino Owned Contact Cen

There are many reasons why businesses would embrace Filipino owned contact center in the country. More than being a hub of graduates that are good in speaking English, we are a culture that delivers more. We have values that are only present and innate in us Filipinos. Which is why, foreign investors and local ones chose Philippines as their business hub.

Perhaps you might wonder what these traits and values are. You might ask what are the innate Filipino culture that they bring in their calls. Furthermore, what are the compelling characters that other races and cultures love about us? Here are a few.


This is a Filipino term that doesn’t really have an exact English translation. However, this is mostly associated with the word “care” in English. This is a value that uniquely defines how we Filipinos value other individuals. This translates to compassion, accountability and ownership. This even puts one’s interest behind in order to serve more. If we are going to see this in the context of the global workforce, this is surely a thing that separates Filipino employees from the rest.

Filipinos are known to exude this very virtue. They would often work extra hours in order to finish a task without charging his or her employers. You cannot only see this in his work performance. He or she also exudes it towards others. For instance, Filipino employees would readily help out his or her colleagues when they are stuck in a very difficult task. They will readily extend their helping hand most especially if you are new to the job.


This is a Filipino word that is derived from the word Bayan which means community, town or nation in general. This is best described in the old tradition of helping a neighbour relocate his family by getting people who would volunteer to carry the whole house using bamboo poles. Traditionally, it would take 20 or more people to carry the entire house. However, this is depicted in a happy and festive mood. After moving, the family expresses gratitude by hosting a small fiesta for everyone.

Though moving a house nowadays no longer needs bamboo poles and that many individuals, the very essence of bayanihan is surely embedded within Filipinos. This is manifested in helping each other and doing tasks together. This leads to lower workload and also making the job easier. This is truly manifested in Filipino owned contact center because more than anything, they are helping their clients to be better in their business. They are the support other businesses would need. More so, they provide and deliver.

Malasakit and Bayanihan are the two of the many good traits that are present in Filipinos. These are definitely found in Filipino owned contact center. No wonder SiBs, a contact center in Tagum City, Davao Region forefronts these values. These values after all are what set the Filipino workforce apart. And truly these are very essential in choosing the right contact center.


More than the abilities of the workforce to deliver and comply with the requirements of the client, they must also be able to provide more in the table. And malasakit and bayanihan is definitely more. Since this translates to care for the business, care for the owners and care for the clients.