Advantages of Partnering with a Davao Call Center

davao call center

Call centers is a booming industry in this side of the country. As such many businesses are now engaged to partner with call centers in order to efficiently address and attend to their customers and their needs. It is imperative therefore that business nowadays have a contact center partner or two.

The Philippines is a country of choice for premium call center service. Hundreds of foreign companies are in talks with Philippine call centers as they tend to outsource some of their business operations here. This is mainly because of our less costly operational and labor costs. Even more, majority of the citizens are multilingual making it the perfect hub for just about any businesses and cultures. It is no wonder then that the country is the prime nation for business process outsourcing today.

Considering how big the Philippines is, first time businesses who would want to engage with BPO will often pick call centers located in the nation’s capital. While there is nothing wrong with the choice but there are already a lot of cities that can be able to provide the same service at even better values. Good example would be Davao call center.

Davao is located in the southern part of the Philippines specifically in Mindanao. This is the third most populous city in the country after Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. The city is also the largest in the country in terms of land area. The city prides as the main trade, commerce and industry hub of Mindanao.

Each day, Davao is becoming more like Manila. This sprawling city is reach with its culinary, cultural, economic and commercial assets. It already has a lot of malls, multinational companies and businesses mushrooming over the city and closer provinces. If you are still not satisfied whether to partner with a Davao call center, here are highlights you might want to examine further.

Level of Competitiveness

Davao is not just a southern city of the country but in terms of competitiveness, ranks fifth according to the National Competitiveness Council. This means that it is one of the most competitive highly urbanized cities in the Philippines. It even ranked ninth on economic dynamism. This measures the size and also growth of the local economy and even capacity to generate employment. Apart from the plethora of awards, it also ranks fifth in government efficiency. This cascades economic governance score in the Local Governance Performance Management System and also security. These rankings therefore show that Davao is truly an attractive business destination and also investment gold.

Strategic Location

Davao might be two hours from the country’s capital but definitely you can be able to experience air and sea linkages to major destinations in the Philippines and more so around the globe. Goods can also be transported easily via air, land and sea. Its main gateways are the Francisco Bangoy International Airport and the Philippine-Japan Friendship Highway. Their airport is also one of the busiest in the Philippines with daily flights across the country and direct flights to Singapore and Indonesia.

Low cost

One prominent reason why businesses would rather invest in the Philippines is its low cost. And Davao can deliver just that. Doing business here like Davao call center is cheaper if we are to compare it with major Asian cities. Furthermore, if we trickle it down to other major cities in the country, Davao will still emerge as lower. This covers rates of public utilities and also local communication. Rentals for commercial spaces and buildings are also cheaper. Even labor, raw materials and other business needs are relatively lower.

Peace and Order

Mindanao might be an island you are afraid to visit because of the varied news you heard on the media. But you can guarantee that you are safe in Davao. This has been tagged as the most peaceful cities to live in Asia with a monthly crime index of 0.9 cases per 10,000 individuals in a month. Their police are consistently the top for the Country’s Best Police Office Award. It also has a centralized 911 communications and emergency response center.

Business Ease

Davao City ranks the 2nd most ideal for doing business among the top 25 cities in the country. This is according to the World Bank Group. DCIPC or the Davao City Investment Promotion Center was established in order help investors and even provide free professional services like investment incentive facilitation. They will also readily assist in securing business permits and also licenses most especially in terms of Davao call center. Their scope also covers finding suitable sites, manpower, raw materials and business matching. They even do data banking and investment counselling.

There are still a lot of advantages why Davao call center would be the perfect choice for your business. Even more, this is also a developing hub thus there’s still room for a lot of economic growth. If you are considering where to put your next business in the country, do not forget to consider Davao.