Why Choose a Contact Center Service Career and Stick to It

contact center service career

Has it ever crossed your mind to embrace a contact center service career? Perhaps, you have considered working in such industry?

Call centers have been sprouting in major areas in the country. Not to mention the many job opportunities they bring. You might chance upon a call center industry that requires hundreds of agents. This is truly an enticing option since the chances of getting hired is big.

Yet, there are still a lot of individuals who are not keen to join the industry. They think that having a contact center service career is career suicide. They even thought that this is such a boring job and one should not join in the first place.

I must say they are wrong.

Choosing a contact service career has been the best decision of my life. Though years ago, many were not excited with my decision to proceed in this industry, I’m happy I did. And for almost a decade, I am still here, happy and growing.

Let me share with you the reasons why I chose contact center service career before and why I stick with it. These might be the reasons to help you decide that this can be the right career for you.

No experience necessary

My very first reason why I opted for a contact center service career is because I don’t have the work experience yet. Being a fresh graduate, landing a job I want would definitely require at least six months worth of work experience. Since I don’t have one yet, might as well try my luck in a contact center. Thank God I did. It was a decision I didn’t regret.

Contact centers are not requiring any job experience at all. Simply imagine the generosity they are extending to fresh graduates like me. However this doesn’t mean that the job would be easy. In fact, they are still requiring basic skills that an applicant must possess. The first skills that an applicant must have would be computer skills. Since one is required to make use of computers to every single calls and transactions, at least one should know how to navigate and use it.

Apart from that, you must also be good with your speaking and listening skills. Most contact centers require their agents to take and receive calls. You must at least be able to communicate simply in English. Even more, you also need to be able to comprehend as well. After all, it is with listening that you can be able to help the consumers with their concerns.

Career growth and development

They might think that if you land in a contact center service career, you will get stuck as a call center agent. I definitely disagree. That was my perception then years ago. However, when you get in, you will realize there are a lot of career opportunities here.

You will become a regular employee in a matter of six months. From there, you can transition to even bigger positions. If you have good performance even while on the floor, your supervisors can readily promote you in a hiccup. It is that easy. Yet if you want to hover with other roles and responsibilities you can as well.

Majority of contact centers prefer to hire internally for other positions in the company. That is why their agents will have more career development as they can transition to other positions. Hence, you will not be stuck at answering calls for years. Should there be another opening in the company, they will prioritize their agents to get the job.

Salary and benefits

There is no denying how large the salary is when you get in a contact center. Even if you don’t have experience, you can still be paid pretty high. This was my motivation then when I joined in. However apart from that, there are still many benefits you can duly seize and enjoy.

If your shift is at night, on top of your salary, you will be given night differential pay. If you happen to land in a sales account, you will be getting commissions. There is indeed a stream of income while you are in a call center.

Apart from the salaries, employees are also well taken care of. They have extensive insurance and healthcare packages. Even their dependents such as their parents and siblings can also enjoy the same. Plus, the office is filled with recreation rooms and sleeping quarters too.

These are but three of the many reasons why I chose a contact center service career. There are still a lot of advantages and benefits that you can enjoy too. And I hope these can persuade you to try and be a part of any contact service companies.