What Makes Me Proud To Work in a Contact Center Industry

contact center industry

I have been in the contact center industry for almost a decade. I never really planned to be a part of a call center. After all, it was a booming industry back then and I just needed experience in order to land a better position in another company. Little did I know this was the better position I have been dreaming about but in the same company after all.

My story began way back I graduated from college. As a business administration major, I really would want to get into marketing and advertising. This has been a lifelong dream since I chose the course. However, the number of possible competitors for such was far too many. And there were little to no positions in big multinational companies. That is why I opted to apply for a contact center job. The number of open positions is plenty. Even more, passing it all was easy. My aim back then was to gain enough experience and when I am through, be back on track to advertising.

Training was relatively easy. All we need to know would be an in depth knowledge of the account . After all, we are geared to be experts of the brand we are holding.

Which is why it is very important that we get to know it even the tiniest detail possible. Since we would be engaged in inbound calls where calls are made by customers, we need to breathe the brand. And if you can be able to memorize stuff, the training would be easy to fly by.

We are also mentored with communication skills and phone handling skills. After all, we are dealing with other cultures. We also get to study the culture of our customers so we think and talk like them. The perks of handling foreign accounts are endless.

Yet, if we simply consider these things, truly I cannot last for almost a decade in any contact center industry. Many would say, you already have enough experience to land in a better company. While that is true, there’s always that glue that makes me “stick” to it. And this is something that I can be proud of.

You might then ask, what makes me proud to work in a contact center industry? Why are you still there? Here are my answers.

#1: Helping people. The contact center industry would be the business of continually helping people. They exist to standby the customers and help them with their concerns. They might have questions with their billing, their accounts, why this product is not working and so much more. As an expert to the account, it is one’s responsibility to help them. Every call is an opportunity to help someone. And being able to help solve it for them would bring immense joy and satisfaction to the customer. For instance, I have a customer who was keen to cancel his subscription because he can no longer be able to pay for it. But he always wanted the service and has been our patron for the longest time. He is torn between keeping it and letting it go. I told him we have other modes of payment and we can always adjust it accordingly to our customer’s needs. Given that he is one of our loyal consumers, we can readily do that for him. This literally brought joy to his tone. He never knew that such service existed. With that call, he was not able to cancel the subscription. And he was delighted with the adjustment.

#2: Continuous learning. Some people might exclaim that going to a call center is a dead end career. I beg to disagree. As a matter of fact, there is always room for continuous learning. For one, no call is the same. You might be in the same account for months however every call is different. The customers might have the same problem but each can be tackled differently. With that, you can be able to learn. Even more, there is a lot of movement with just about any contact center positions. Before, I was confident with my account skills. I know for a fact that I can answer just about anything. That is when I know that I still don’t know everything. Every shift is an opportunity to rebuild and to learn. No wonder it always keeps me on my toes. Furthermore, the job is not boring at all.

#3. Career growth. There are many perks of being in a contact center industry. However, aside from the salary and the benefits, what makes me proud to work in one is career development. The dream of climbing the corporate ladder is also prevalent here. For the past decade I was working as an agent for a good two years then shifted to become a team leader. And now I am an account trainer. There is more room for career advancement in a contact center. Simply because they value internal hiring more than external. They would rather hire someone already from their company in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Working in a contact center industry is something one that can be proud of. It is a decent job after all. Even more, it provides a lot not only in terms of salaries and benefits. These are things that will let you exclaim how happy and proud you are to be in that family.