Proactiveness vs preemptiveness

Proactiveness Vs Preemptiveness

Proactiveness vs preemptiveness? Which one do you think works best in the workplace? As an employee, what attribute would best describe you? Proactiveness vs preemptiveness is something that can be difficult to decipher. Most especially that there’s just a thin line between the two. However do not fret as we are going to examine the […]

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short commutes

The Benefits of Short Commutes

Since we are working, it is inevitable that we commute to work every single day. We are often faced with the decision on what mode of transportation to use. And oftentimes if not all the times, we prefer the ones that can take us to our destination in the shortest possible time. No wonder jeepneys […]

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omni-channel contact center

SiBS: an Omni-Channel Contact Center

Omni-channel contact center is currently making waves in the customer service industry. What was once a concept is now being realized and even the epitome of what contact centers should be. And SiBS surely is not way behind with this move. Perhaps you might wonder what omni-channel contact centers are. How is this different from […]

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First Call Resolution

The Importance of First Call Resolution

First call resolution or FCR has been a very important metric in any call center industry. This is also synonymous with First Contact Resolution wherein their primary mode of communication would be the phone. With the aid of FCR, organizations can be able to track their efficiency with how well their agents were able to […]

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National Capability Development Summit

3rd National Capability Development Summit Today

The 3rd National Capability Development Summit is set to open today November 9, 2016 in Tacloban City. Aimee Nadela, President of the Davao del Norte ICT Council, Province of Davao del Norte and Managing Director of SiBs will join the said event. This is made possible by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). […]

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Filipino Owned Contact Cen

Filipino Owned Contact Center: More Than Values

There are many reasons why businesses would embrace Filipino owned contact center in the country. More than being a hub of graduates that are good in speaking English, we are a culture that delivers more. We have values that are only present and innate in us Filipinos. Which is why, foreign investors and local ones […]

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Rural Sourcing

Rural Sourcing, The New Thing

Rural sourcing is the newest thing that hits business process outsourcing in the country. More and more companies are slowly shifting their customer service operations to such areas. There is no denying why call centers are commonly situated in cities and in the metropolis. For one, there is convenience. After all, great infrastructures are put […]

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Agent quality of life

Agent Quality of Life

An agent quality of life has been ridiculed by other professions. This is because of the notion that this is just ideal for fresh graduates and those without prior work experience. Even more, this is easily stereotyped as a menial job. If ever you worked in a call center, one would oftentimes be shy expressing […]

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Filipino Owned Contact Center

Filipino Owned Contact Center and BPO

Business process outsourcing has been considered a lucrative industry in the Philippines. It is no wonder that sooner, BPO revenues would soon to overtake OFW remittances. Even more, it has continued to help fuel the economy for the longest time. What was once a call based business has expanded to varied services. Now, we are […]

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