Call Monitor to Evaluate Effectiveness of your Call Center Agents in the Philippines

call monitor

One problem with outsourcing your customer service is one’s inability to monitor the business. For one, you are physically not there to check on your call center agents and two the time difference might be drastic.

However, in spite of the hurdles, evaluating your call centers in the Philippines is very essential. This is simply because they are the operational frontline of your brand and your product or service. This is why it requires careful monitoring to be able to identify just how effective the call center agents are in providing the needed service and support to your customers.

The previous concerns on physically not being there on site for monitoring and even time are now issues no more. Quality call monitoring is now made simple with feasible easy to follow steps. Furthermore, this can guarantee significant results not only for your call center agents but also to your business as a whole.

And the answer is to CALL MONITOR.

To get you started with this process, below are a list of suggestions in order to do call monitoring and more so the best methodology and practices to guarantee effectiveness of your call center agents.

1. Install call center software.

There are already a lot of call center software that you can install that allows call monitoring, recording and even call barging. It is very important then to notify your call center agents from the very beginning that such software is installed in their system. This will keep them in their toes knowing that their managers and even owners can monitor their calls and transactions. Plus, on your end you can do random call monitoring and assessment.

2. Create call center metrics.

Call center metrics are very important and would serve as a benchmark on what your agents should and must achieve. The other term for this one would be scorecards. This indicates measures in line with the company policies, key performance indices and even external benchmarking. Customer expectations are also quantified in the metrics. Evaluate what are the most important things you should deliver to your customers. From there, quantify the much needed number and present it to your managers, team leaders and agents. Provide behaviours that will be assessed too that can be tagged as excellent, average and poor. And do not forget to review and update the call center metrics.

3. Train top tier individuals and agents.

In order to achieve the call center metrics in the previous procedure, it would be very important to create a training program. This would guarantee that they know their goals and someone would be responsible in monitoring them each day. It would be frustrating to call monitor and the agent is not hitting the targets simply because they don’t know how to come up with the best methods to do such. Hence, before letting the agents to the floor and receive calls, they must already be trained on knowing what the metrics are, the targets and how to realize that.

4. Provide feedback mechanism.

The key here is to help improve your call center agents. And that can be done through continuous and constructive feedback. Make sure to realize a day where your top tier floor individuals would be giving feedback to the agents. It can be in a form of a written or even a verbal note. The important thing in feedback is that one highlights the good things the agent does, the areas where he or she can improve and give suggestions how to do it.

5. Call monitor consistently.

Some call centers would be very proactive in doing call monitoring in the first few months of an agent. Once he or she matures, they tend to shift their attention to newer agents. While there is nothing wrong with that, call monitor must be made standard and consistent and everyone must be subjected to it. This guarantees that even your old agents are consistent in delivering results.


Call monitor is a very important procedure in a business where you implore the help of call centers. You must be able to do this consistently or even have someone do it for you. The key here is being able to identify if the call center agents are effective in delivering customer satisfaction and results needed for your business. By engaging in such, you will make certain that your team delivers. Furthermore this could guarantee effectiveness of your call center agents and provide great customer service.