Agent Quality of Life

Agent quality of life

An agent quality of life has been ridiculed by other professions. This is because of the notion that this is just ideal for fresh graduates and those without prior work experience. Even more, this is easily stereotyped as a menial job.

If ever you worked in a call center, one would oftentimes be shy expressing the nature of the job. This was a reflection of me a few years ago. I cannot tell my friends that I am working in a contact center. They think that it is the most mediocre job. It seems like it should be your last resort if no companies hired you at all. That is why I was not proud at all to tell others where I work and what my work is. However, as I get immerse myself in the Filipino owned contact center profession, I found out a different agent quality of life. And this is something I bet that only a few knows what.

Should you be interested to know what these are, here are some of the highlights.

Helping People

Call center agents exist for a sole purpose. And that is to help people. They are there as business frontlines in order to address immediate concerns and issues of consumers. Apart from that, they are also there to help themselves and their family. They work in order to provide not only for them but also their loved ones. It is like a helping loop. They help people in order to help themselves. And by far, this is the most satisfying job ever. You can be able to help someone immediately. Even more, you can also be able to realize that help can be via call, chat or email. The sound of someone you helped and he or she thanking you is a feeling you can never replace.

Make People Happy

The notion of being able to help other people from another part of the globe will surely put a smile to the customer and to the agent. Basically, agents are there to make people happy. Knowing we were able to solve their concern and more so address their problem is already a guarantee of happiness. And that just simply makes a huge difference to our profession and to our job.

Continuous Learning

Some individuals might think that being a call center agent will make your career idle and stagnant. I digress. In fact, it is the most active career in terms of continuous learning. After all, no call is the same. No caller is the same. No consumer is the same. For each call, you have varied variables that came into play. Which is why, each call is unique. Hence, you must be creative in order to provide the best possible solution in order to address the issue. There might be a formula on how to address a concern however it is an agent’s responsibility to incorporate and do more in the process.

Social Concerns

We are not only geared towards customer satisfaction but also with our co-workers too. In fact, agents in the call center industry are the most sociable individuals. Considering the task at hand we often if not always with our peers and teams. After all we began the journey even during our training stage. No wonder we develop close relationship with our co-workers. We rejoice if our team is commended. We share also the same pain.

Resilient Workforce

An agent quality of life stems from them being resilient. We after all are one of the hardest working individuals in the industry. We are also flexible in terms of schedule. No wonder, it is more than okay for us to get a night shift schedule. We don’t mind if we get out of the office early morning. We turn nights into days in order to do the job. We have the toughest job because of our night schedules. But regardless of that fact, we don’t mind and continue with the task at hand.

Being in the contact center industry for the longest time, I am more than proud. An agent quality of life is filled with happiness and flexibility. Which is why, I can now say that I work in one. And I am loud and proud of that.