Outsourcing a Contact Center Vs Homeshoring

When a company decides to hire a third party agency to carry out certain tasks, like customer service or product support, this is what we call as “outsourcing”. More importantly, I’d like to refer to them as third party call centers if they handle product support, customer service, technical support, and even booking tasks. The […]

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Outsourcing Contact Center

Outsourcing Contact Center to a Rural BPO

Outsourcing contact center has been the trend for the longest time. In an effort to improve customer service and even entice customers to new products and services, businesses are eager to include this in their budgets. In order to be able to spend less on such a task, they often outsource it with other companies […]

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davao call center

Advantages of Partnering with a Davao Call Center

Call centers is a booming industry in this side of the country. As such many businesses are now engaged to partner with call centers in order to efficiently address and attend to their customers and their needs. It is imperative therefore that business nowadays have a contact center partner or two. The Philippines is a […]

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