Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS goal

SiBS is a company with core business interest in Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Center services. The company is located in Davao Philippines and has been in operations since 2011 supporting various clients from different industries in the area of telecommunications, finance, real estate, e-commerce, retail and healthcare.

SiBS goal is to help its clients improve on quality, reduce cost and maximize profitability. The company's business activity is positioned to help corporations focus on core business activities while SiBS professionalism is employed to help address certain tasks which in turn, would lead to even productive growth.

SiBS is a solution-driven company with trademark built on its unique capacity to add value to operational processes in various industries. The company is managed by a group of professionals with a broad range of specialties that complements each other. The company's focus is targeted towards offering the best of customer service and satisfaction.

Ultimately, SiBS is not just an outsourcing company; it is a firm that offers value as relationship and solution as service.

Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS core business
  • Our Practice

    SiBS is focused on cost-effectiveness, operational flexibility, time management and surpassing customer's expectations.
    Practice Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS
  • Our purpose

    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Our Purpose
    We are a Filipino-owned BPO company, which aims to service small and medium-sized companies all over the world with a team of passionate and success-driven professionals trained to offer effective yet affordable outsourcing services.

    SiBS aims to help our clients to improve on quality, to reduce cost and to maximize profitability through clear, concise and effective business solutions that are compatible with the latest technological, industrial and marketing trends.

    As an outsourcing company in the Philippines, SiBS wants to actively take part in the socio-economic development of the country and be able to provide jobs and give back to the community.
  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy makes us who we are as a business and what we are to our satisfied clients. We put emphasis on the following philosophy:

    Teamwork - There is strength in togetherness. Goals are achieved easily when there is a collaborative team effort. We are at our best when we work as one.
    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Teamwork

    Integrity - Adherence to high moral principle keeps us united and undivided. Our clients get more than what they pay for, we provide them integrity in what we do and in what we offer them.
    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Integerity
  • Our Philosophy

    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Excellence
    Excellence - We are committed to serve our clients with competence resulting to efficiency and effectiveness because we continuously strive to excel in what we do.

    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Passion
    Passion - We treat work as an opportunity to serve others. We believe that through our services, we are able to help our clients improve and develop their brand or business.
  • Our Philosophy

    Trust - Our years of reliable service determine how we exercise professionalism with clients and partners. We believe that through client satisfaction, our clients learn to trust us and believe in our company.
    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Trust

    Optimism - Having a fun and happy working environment allows us to stay positive all the time.
    Siblings International Business Solutions SiBS Optimism

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